Gasaraki Chapter 11 – The Departure

Well there you have it, the end of volume 2 of Gasaraki. I’m unsure if I’ll continue this in the future but who knows.



Gasaraki Chapter 10 – Ties


In this chapter Yushiro has to stop an out of control experimental TA where the pilots are running on an unusual serum.

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There’s only one chapter left until the end of this volume and that’ll probably be it for a while.

Gasaraki Second Dance – The Weather Wheel

I’m actually quite liking the manga adaption of Gasaraki, it’s much easy to understand and consume since there’s no technobabble or mumbo jumbo dialog. An enjoyable chapter indeed but the only thing lacking is the battle between the Coalition forces and the fakes which was awesome in the anime. It’s not even in the manga, what gives?

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Anyway enjoy the chapter.

[Manga] Gasaraki Chapter 0 – Prologue


Now this is something I didn’t really expect to be working on, I was searching for raws for another series and I came across Gasaraki. Gasaraki was one of the first handful of anime I remember seeing way back when I first started, it was weird and mysterious and I didn’t have a clue what was going on. Many years later I still don’t know. Anyway bottom line is I will be working on this every once in a while, I’m not sure how often as I get bored working on one thing very easily. Anyway, enjoy.

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