Status Update 26-04-2018


Just thought I’d give you guys (and gals) a little status update regarding the different projects I’m currently working on.

Killing Morph – I’ve actually taken a break working on this until the third volume gets release sometime next. I forgot to say in my last chapter release.

Godo – This is another series I really enjoy working on seeing as it has miyama noboru’s trademark style all over it.  I know the typesetting isn’t the best but it’s doable for the moment seeing as it is a one man job as usual.


Doctor Mordrid – Along with Godo this has become a manga that will receive a regular release from me. It was actually meant to be a side project but I actually really enjoy it so expect more from the good doctor and his pet squirrel in the future.

Kuromachi – I’ve a rough translation of the next chapter nearly done then I’ll be doing the finishing touches. Remember this is a side project so don’t expect regular releases on this thing. I also do have scans for the first volume if anyone else wants to work on it or help our a little with redraw or cleaning.

Other projects and suggestions: Fire away if you’d like me to check something out and consider translating it. I might pick up Jigoku no Alice and maybe Freak Island sometime in the future when I catch up reading the series. If I’m missing anything just drop me a line though I think I covered everything.


[Noboru Miyam] Godo Chapter 5


Poor Yotonbu, what a fitting end. This time on Godo we have some science guy talk from inside the government after the fight about Godo because naturally he isn’t what he seems to be and we get a glimpse of the fighers for the next match. Some Baraka looking fellow.

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Anyone not really interested with this battle royale?