Gasaraki First Dance – The Stone Stage

Three months later I finally did another chapter, oh well. I did kinda forgot about this seeing as it wasn’t really on my mind. Not that anyone is actually waiting on this, at least not that I know of seeing as Gasaraki fans have went the way of the dodo. Not that there was many to begin with. I like that this is actually a little different from the anime version, cutting through most of the stupidly mysterious dialog and getting to the point. I like it.

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Anyway enjoy the chapter.


[Chang Sheng] Stanle Part 1


Now this is something that I’ve had for ages but I’ve only got around to doing it now, better late than never I guess. Anyway this is another one of Chang Sheng’s works as you might have already guessed by the title. It another one of his early works about a trio of girls who go after the Stanle Stone, a mysterious stone which is said to hold the unlimited power of the universe or something like that. I’ve already read through it and I really liked it, much more than Oldman.

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Anyway, enjoy.

[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 23 – My BABY


With the pseudo BABY in tow, the heroes make their way towards the machine people’s Tower where Alice is being held.

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Also I wonder what the whole “singing in the rain” scene was about, I’m thinking it has something to do with science since water was a key component in the creation of BABY as seen in earlier chapters. Or it could just be “Alice’s tears”, who knows?

Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 9


Now Sho and the gang are heading towards Kei Gai’s lair, things are a little different from the puppet version but not so much. I’m also liking Kei Gai’s manga design, it really brings out her characteristics. The same goes for the other characters.

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Anyway I had to get a little help for typesetting and redraw this chapter because I was far too tired to do it myself. Sorry for the delay.