Killing Morph Chapter 18


And thus begins the start of what will be the third volume of Killing Morph. Picking up right away after the latest revelation M and Madoka continue to talk while the reporter dude looks around M’s lair.



Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 18

This time on Thunderbolt Fantasy the gang enters the valley of the dead and well fights the dead. Or rather Sho does all the work. I really like this version instead of the puppet version as it’s far more focused in it’s overall approach. Anyway enjoy the chapter.

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Me: Translation, typesetting

Xpearse: redraw

[Chang Sheng] Oldman Chapter 18 – You only die once

With a chapter title like that you know it can’t be good, which it isn’t. Without giving out any spoilers I’ll let you know that you won’t be disappointed. Except the pay off isn’t until the next chapter since it’s mostly talking, sigh. Anyway’s the links are below so get reading.


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