Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 50

Forgive me for stripping you! Guess whose back? Back again? That’s right, Those Who Hunt Elves is back after a long hiatus! I’m sure a lot of you will be very pleased by this, as am I. I actually got messaged by an old Russian buddy about starting translating it again so I figured why not. It’s funny and I honestly would rather work on this than my other projects at the moment. Anyway I hope you enjoy the chapter and are looking forward to more!

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In case anyone is wondering on what I’ll be releasing next it’ll be a Thunderbolt Fantasy chapter and then who knows


Those Who Hunt Elves Volume 12


This is just a batch release for the chapters of volume 12 that I’ve done, all up to the latest versions. Also if you don’t know already this is the last chapter of Those Who Hunt Elves that I will translate unless commissioned.

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Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 49


Well I didn’t expect to work on another Those Who Hunt Elves chapter. If you don’t know I dropped the series ages ago because I simply wasn’t interested in it anymore. That and I didn’t really get much of a response from the community. Anyway’s I thought I might as well finish off the last chapter of this volume seeing as there won’t be anymore coming from me in the future at the moment. I hope you enjoy the chapter.

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Note: This is the last chapter I will be doing for free. If you want more, it’s commission from here on out. I simply can’t afford to work on so many projects in my free time without compensation at the moment. This will only apply to this and maybe some other stuff that I’ve dropped, there will be no changes to my other projects.




Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 47 – Junpei’s Big Disaster

It’s been a while since i last released a chapter, too long if fact. Anyway this chapter Junpei gets an invitation from an elf called Kate, naturally Junpei thinks this will involve stripping but it seems he’ll cause a big disaster of his own. Unlucky Junpei, always getting the brunt of everything.


Enjoy the chapter as usual. Happy Elf hunting!