Gasaraki First Dance – The Stone Stage

Three months later I finally did another chapter, oh well. I did kinda forgot about this seeing as it wasn’t really on my mind. Not that anyone is actually waiting on this, at least not that I know of seeing as Gasaraki fans have went the way of the dodo. Not that there was many to begin with. I like that this is actually a little different from the anime version, cutting through most of the stupidly mysterious dialog and getting to the point. I like it.

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Anyway enjoy the chapter.

[Manga] Gasaraki Chapter 0 – Prologue


Now this is something I didn’t really expect to be working on, I was searching for raws for another series and I came across Gasaraki. Gasaraki was one of the first handful of anime I remember seeing way back when I first started, it was weird and mysterious and I didn’t have a clue what was going on. Many years later I still don’t know. Anyway bottom line is I will be working on this every once in a while, I’m not sure how often as I get bored working on one thing very easily. Anyway, enjoy.

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