Gasaraki Second Dance – The Weather Wheel

I’m actually quite liking the manga adaption of Gasaraki, it’s much easy to understand and consume since there’s no technobabble or mumbo jumbo dialog. An enjoyable chapter indeed but the only thing lacking is the battle between the Coalition forces and the fakes which was awesome in the anime. It’s not even in the manga, what gives?

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Anyway enjoy the chapter.


Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 2

Had a couple of days off work so I thought what the heck, nothing better to do. Anyway this chapter was slightly different from the puppet version, some lines were tweaked or removed all together. For example the Chinese proverb in the original version is not found in the manga. Anyhow I hope you enjoy the chapter, if you’ve any problems let me know.

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[Chang Sheng] Baby Chapter 2 – Elettra and DR-34

Hot off the presses, the second chapter of BABY is here! I actually didn’t expect a one year time skip, I mean what the hell happened during that period of time. I expected something else but Chang Sheng has given us something totally different, I wonder where the story will go considering that Elettra now has a comedic robot sidekick called DR-34.


Enjoy the chapter as usual.

[Chang Sheng] X-Girl Chapter 2

Off one mission and onto the next, looks like the X-Girls are robbing a bank this time. You also get an overview of what the actual comic is about as opposed to the first chapter where it’s stuff is happening and you are like who are these people and why are they hijacking a plane and now they’re pop stars? Yeah the first chapter was a little confusing but overall fun.


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I should also note that I struggled not putting in CIA and Bane memes into this chapter, I mean there’s a guy from the CIA and big guys running around.

Haha, you are lucky I didn’t go with the memes route or linkin park lyrics.