Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 18

This time on Thunderbolt Fantasy the gang enters the valley of the dead and well fights the dead. Or rather Sho does all the work. I really like this version instead of the puppet version as it’s far more focused in it’s overall approach. Anyway enjoy the chapter.

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Me: Translation, typesetting

Xpearse: redraw


Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 8

TF Chapter 8, page 1.jpg

Didn’t really expect to be working on this again, though seeing as I’ll probably be rewatching the show on blu-ray I guess what the heck. Besides, nobody else seems interested in it. Anyway I’m sure people out there are glad I’ve picked it back up.

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Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 4


Alright! Got this chapter finished off in time for tonight’s episode. Anyways’s this chapter is a little different from the puppet version as it has the bad guys going to a village searching for the Sword of divine punishment  and killing a bunch of people. It’s a nice touch to remind you that they are the bad guys.

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I’m working on the next chapter so that shouldn’t be too long behind this one.

Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 1


No it’s not the raw again, since nobody has picked it up I decided to start working on it. Nothing  much to say other than some of the terms were kinda tricky considering there’s multiple translations for them, oh well let’s hope everything worked out for the best. I would also like some feedback if anyone has any.

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This chapter was also a whopping 43 pages, luckily the other chapters are around 20 so hopefully I’ll be able to release one a week.