Cambrian Volumes 1-3


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This is just a batch release of the first three volumes of Cambrian from the two groups that did the first couple of chapters and me who did the rest of the manga. Enjoy.

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Cambrian Chapter 27 – Courtship

Looks like the story is coming to a close with only one more chapter to go! Now that Professor Yamagishi and Kana have turned into some grotesque abomination, it wants to mate with Keiko and borrow her womb for some unknown reason. My guess is that Yamagishi wants to rebirth himself again or something like that. It’s not a pretty sight.

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It’s also interesting to note that the Professor left the base sequence of the Cambrian virus inside the walls of the Manic bars underground labyrinth. Almost as if he wanted the virus to be cured at some point.

Cambrian Chapter 17 – Reunion


As one threat is vanquished, another arises! Enter the Bato company who promises self-enlightenment seminar’s, but not everything is what is seems. The company is actually a front for the bad Cambrians, wherein they bring and brainwash the new-born Cambrians.

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Expect body horror, creepy phone calls, old men and midgets in this latest chapter of Miyama Noboru’s Cambrian!

Cambrian Chapter 15 – Revival


Wow, that chapter really went out with a bang. Also, if you are wondering about the random bible quote on the credits page I put it there because it would have sounded cool on that last page with the city but sadly it wouldn’t fit. So I put it on the credits page. Anyway I hope you enjoy the chapter, until next time.

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Also the next thing I’ll be doing will be the next chapter of Chang Sheng’s BABY so be on the look out for that.


Cambrian Chapter 13 – No more pleasure


Looks like the stakes keep getting raised, pun intended. With Keiko trapped in a box the only hope for her is to relive her horrible rapes to channel her anger and break free. Meanwhile, Takamura has his own problems to deal with: choose one of four women to”mate” with, one of them being of the spiky variety. I’ll let you in on a secret, it doesn’t end well.

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I hope you enjoyed this chapter of Cambrian and are eager for more.


Cambrian Chapter 12 – Trial


Now that all the detectives are either dead or taken care of, the focus shifts back to Keiko. The head of the Manic Bar has to decide what to do with her, naturally it’s something grisly considering nothing gets a nice death in Cambrian.

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Also guess who’s back in this chapter? I bet you thought he was dead.

Cambrian Chapter 11 – Massacre


Hot off the presses, chapter 11 of Noboru Miyama’s Cambrian is here! This time the detectives try and make their way through Manic Bar’s underground maze. Naturally it does not end well for them.

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Also if anyone is looking to help out on the series then let me know, anything is appreciated. Until next time.